Digital paths to motivate and include young 2nd generation migrants in employment

About Employ Me

EMPLOY ME project aims to develop a new innovative form of training content that will empower unemployed young 2nd generation migrants to develop, enhance and improve their employability skills and competences and, therefore, to improve their competitiveness in the labor market. 

Ultimately, this will lead to a successful integration of the young 2nd generation migrants into the local societies, creating an asset for the local community and economy.

Work Packages

  • WP1: Project Management

    During the initial stages of the project, the consortium prepares all details needed to ensure smooth cooperation and an effective implementation.

  • WP2: Toolkit for Young 2nd generation migrants

    The main result of the WP2 is the development of a Toolkit for Young 2nd generation migrants which provides useful resources for the development of their employability skills.

  • WP3: Virtual Academy

    The objective of WP3 is the development of a pan-European platform (EMPLOY ME Virtual Academy) that will provide a user-friendly and interactive gamified learning environment along with social engagement solutions to enable young migrants to influence and measure their own employability skills and competences.

  • WP4: Toolkit for Youth Workers

    The main result will be the development of EMPLOY ME Toolkit for Youth Workers that will include, the EMPLOY ME Toolkit for Young 2nd Generation Migrants, tools that youth workers, the evidence and data, Instructions and guidelines.


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