Work Packages

WP 1: Project Management

During the initial stages of the project, the consortium prepares all details needed to ensure smooth cooperation and an effective implementation. The first project result pertains to Project Management which ensures that the activities are designed, evaluated and disseminated in an accessible and inclusive way. Furthermore, it lays out a plan for dealing with risk while controlling budgets and managing time. As a final step, digital tools are defined to facilitate activities and green practices that are incorporated into the project.

WP 2: Toolkit for Young 2nd generation migrants

The main result of the WP2 is the development of a Toolkit for Young 2nd generation migrants which provides useful resources for the development of their employability skills. More specifically, the Toolkit contains apackage of 40 digital resources designed based on the concept of “micro-learning”: short and coherent learning nuggets delivered in multimedia formats aiming to promote blended learning methodologies. The Work Packages follows a preliminary desk research conducted by project partners during the preparation phase of the project which defined the following key employability skills and competences as necessary in the labour market: Business Acumen, Communication, Teamwork, Negotiation and Persuasion, Problem solving, Leadership, Organisation, Perseverance and Motivation, Time management, Confidence.

WP 3: Virtual Academy

The objective of WP3 is the development of a pan-European platform (EMPLOY ME Virtual Academy) that will provide a user-friendly and interactive gamified learning environment along with social engagement solutions to enable young migrants to influence and measure their own employability skills and competences.
The built-in social engagement solutions will also ensure young migrants can share their results & achievements on social
media, driving further interest within the youth community. Through the use of digital games, it will support young migrants’
integration into the labour market, with an outcome of strengthening key competences and knowledge.The Virtual Academy will also provide free access to the Toolkit and it will be available in English and in all partners’ national languages.

WP 4: Toolkit for Youth Workers

The main result will be the development of EMPLOY ME Toolkit for Youth Workers that will include:
▪️ The EMPLOY ME Toolkit for Young 2nd Generation Migrants provides relevant instructions and guidelines on how it can be applied by youth workers and organizations assisting young migrants to improve their employability.
▪️ Tools that youth workers, VET trainers, and organizations can use to develop the employability skills of young 2nd generation migrants;
▪️ The evidence and data collected through the piloting activities in the form of a consolidated report;
▪️ Instructions and guidelines on how youth workers and relevant organizations can exploit the EMPLOY ME Virtual Academy.

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