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EMPLOY ME project aims to develop a new innovative form of training content that will empower unemployed young 2nd generation migrants to develop, enhance and improve their employability skills and competences and, therefore, to improve their competitiveness in the labor market. Ultimately, this will lead to a successful integration of the young 2nd generation migrants into the local societies, creating an asset for the local community and economy.

Focusing on the issue of strengthening the employability, data provided within the EUROSTAT publication “Migrant integration, 2017 edition” show that, despite a high level of education, migrants present higher rates of unemployment and over-qualification compared to those of native-born residents. According to the same publication, it is reported that migration-specific work obstacles such as language and communication challenges, lack of recognition of foreign credentials and experience and discriminations on social and religious grounds may have contributed to this situation. 

Therefore, the European Union needs to find effective solutions in order to ensure the successful inclusion of young 2nd generation migrants into the host societies and, more specifically, into employment, which is the key to maximize the opportunities that legal migration creates and make the most of the contributors that migration can bring to the EU development.


EMPLOY ME aims to strengthen the European agenda for the promotion of the issue of migrants’ social inclusion through actions that promote their inclusion into education and, mainly, employment. 

This will result in the promotion of economic growth, job creation & new skills development within Europe so as to eliminate existing economic and social disparities.

The following concrete results and learning outcomes are expected during and after the project:
⚈ Improved and upgraded employability skills and competences of young unemployed 2nd generation migrants;
⚈ Enhanced opportunities for social inclusion and employability of the young 2nd generation migrants;
⚈ Increased number of cross-community & social inclusion initiatives as the project will promote diversity through recruiting participants from different backgrounds & with few opportunities.
⚈ Enhanced capacity of youth workers, NGOs and other organizations working with and supporting young migrants to develop their employability skills and competences;
⚈ Increased quality in the educational programs and in other similar initiatives and actions that are offered in order to improve and develop learners’ employability skills;
⚈ Capitalization of the potentials and benefits that the successful integration of young 2nd generation migrants into employment provides;
⚈ Fulfilling local socio-economic policy objectives which highlights the importance of supporting young people, particularly those with fewer opportunities & at risk of marginalization, to access high-quality enterprise advice & support services.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use that might be made of the information contained therein. KA220-YOU-2F7A8AC2

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