Persuasion and Negotiation

Learning Objectives


The importance of persuasion and negotiation in the workplace


The principles of negotiation and persuasion


Applying persuasion and negotiation skills through scenarios

Negotiation and persuasion skills are essential to be able to reach any objective. In everyday life we might encounter situations like persuading your partner to choose a different vacation destination, negotiating the price of a treasured item in a flea market – in the workplace these skills could be applied when inquiring a promotion, or trying to push your own idea forward.

In this module we’ll tackle what to keep in mind when ideas are being exchanged, and how to ultimately be satisfied with the chosen solution.

1. The concept of influencing

2. The principles of negotiation and how to push forward your ideas

3. What can you do with a paperclip?

What can you do with a paperclip? – a group exercise (can be done in Google classroom? Jamboard?)

This exercise uses negotiation and persuasion skills in the decision making process. The goal is for the whole group to choose the most creative solution of what can be done with a paperclip.

Instruction: Can be done with any number of people above 1.

First, set a timer for 2 minutes and let everyone come up with as many ideas on how to use a paperclip as possible. After the timer runs out, make them number the ideas from most creative to least creative. Next, let the participants make a list of all the best ideas, and give them the task to choose only one.

To make this more competitive, divide the group in two smaller groups at the beginning of the exercise, and at the end, they have to argue their case as a group, to convince the others to accept their idea.

This simple exercise encourages the group to use the skills they learned in the previous unit in a practical way. This way, they have to learn how to be persuasive and argue that their idea is the best.”

4. Quiz of Persuasion and Negotiation

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